CedarFlex High-Speed

Get a connection and a company that are 100% dedicated to you. Unlike cable, our DSL is a dedicated and private always-on connection.

Great for everyday use. Share files and photos, shop and bank online, download music and video. Always fast and always on.

More speed, more possibilities. Stream music and video in real-time. Video-chat, Skype, GoogleTalk, enjoy everything the Internet has to offer.

Download full-length movies quickly. Take your gaming experience to entirely new levels.

Watch High-Def movies online in real-time, network multiple computers, multi-task and share large files.

Everything's Included

With CedarFlex DSL it's all included. Great speed at a great price and all the equipment you need to get going.

Every DSL package includes a Wireless Router and firewall so you can connect all your 802.11 enabled computers and devices together easily and securely.

Included with every package
  • Wireless Router and Firewall
  • Email with Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Web-Hosting
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Super Fast Installation

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