Unified Messaging

Cedar Networks offers stand-alone, Converged or Unified Messaging solutions for its customers. Our Cisco powered voicemail is easy to set up, easy to manage and easy to live with.

From single lines to multi-office Centrex we've got you covered. Perhaps you've outgrown your legacy voicemail solution and the continued investment in antiquated hardware just doesn't make sense, or maybe you just want to take advantage of the power of Unified Messaging.

We also offer full-featured auto-attendant services from simple TOD (Time Of Day) greetings and routing to complex simulated OPX (Off Premise Extension) solutions. If you can dream it, we can create it. Stop giving out cell-phone numbers for after hours support services, just present the caller with a dial-a-number option to get transferred to whomever is on call. Create dial-by-name directories. Mix and match your destinations; in office extensions, cell phones, sim-ring destinations, toll-free answering services, dedicated voicemail boxes and the list goes on.

Call us for ideas on how a thoughtfully designed auto-attendant can mean better customer service.

Cedar Networks Unified Messaging Advantages:
  • Flexible per-voicemail box pricing
  • Quick, same-day turn-up
  • Cisco powered messaging experience
  • Included in many of our bundles and packages at no additional cost

Messaging Types and Options

Stand Alone - A simple, centralized alternative to doing it yourself. Manage your messages, protect against localized outages and stay responsive to your customers.

Enhanced - Get more out of your messaging system, by using ours. With voicemail-to-email, you get a copy of your voicemail in your inbox or on your phone. Get paged when someone leaves you a message. Set up different greetings for days, nights and holidays.

Unified - Per-Extension voicemail for everyone in your organization. Share and transfer messages with each other. Create and manage messaging and distribution groups. Send voicemail broadcasts. Create dial-out menus for call-coverage and more.

Auto-Attendant - Route calls based on time and day to the right person, the first time. Mix and match on and off net destinations to present a seamless experience to your customers. Create a dial by name/extension directory and more. Just call for ideas on what a properly designed auto-attendant can do for you and your business.

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