Toll Free Services

Cedar Networks offers Toll-Free services as a standalone offering or as an included service in our bundled packages. We can handle the porting and migration of your existing numbers or we can assign you new or additional numbers.

Providing potential and existing business relationships with a free way to contact you is expected in today's marketplace. In the past, publishing a toll free number meant potentially uncontrolled costs as rates varied and customer use is hard to anticipate.

Cedar Networks makes toll-free affordable. We bill your incoming toll-free costs against your long distance plan minutes, that's $0.02 cents a minute domestically.

Cedar Networks Toll-Free Advantages
  • Incredibly low per-minute rates
  • Available as a stand-alone product
  • Included for free in bundled offerings
  • No Time-Of-Day or geographic restrictions
Features and Options:
  • Toll-Free number portability supported
  • Route calls to any destination of your choosing
  • Included in our bundled offerings
  • Voice mail and Auto-Attendant options available
  • Oftentimes same day turn-up on new numbers
  • Vanity numbers available

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