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Cedar Networks does Long-Distance differently. We've built our network on a next-generation IP architecture, redefining local calling. Anywhere Cedar Networks serves is a local call. Aspen to Santa Fe, local. Denver to Albuquerque, local. You'll be surprised how much you can save on your long distance charges.

We also offer industry leading rates outside our calling area. Everyone knows, the more you buy the cheaper the price. Cedar Networks originates a huge number of long distance calls and our costs reflect that. We pass the savings on to you. How does $0.02 cents a minute sound for domestic long distance?

We also offer steep discounts on international calls. Our standard rates are usually better than pre-paid calling card solutions. Call us today to find out just how low we can go.

Cedar Networks Domestic LD Advantages:
  • Excellent flat per minute rates for state-to-state and in-state calling
  • Buying and managing minutes is easy with buy-in-bulk purchasing
  • Toll-Free traffic included in LD plan
  • Discounts available for heavy users
  • Includes all U.S. territories
  • Unlimited plans available with some bundled solutions
Cedar Networks International LD Advantages:
  • Very competitive rates world-wide
  • International calling is enabled with every plan
  • Save even more with monthly commitment plans
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