Foreign Exchange (FX)

Foreign Exchange (FX) lines provide customers with a local number to reach you by, much like a Market Expansion Line (MEL) does. FX lines however can also be used for outbound calling, presenting a local calling number and name to the called party.

Foreign Exchange lines allow you to 'look local' to prospective clientele. You can purchase as many different FX lines in as many different markets as you like. Each one comes with directory listings of your choosing to complete your local identity.

Cedar Networks FX Line Advantages:
  • Great rates on great locations
  • Same day setup in most instances
  • Low initial cost and excellent long distance rates
  • No equipment purchase necessary
  • Local white and yellow page listings
  • Voice mail and Auto-Attendant options available
  • Route calls to any destination of your choosing
  • Low long distance rates, no minimums and no per-call charges

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