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Cedar Networks offers Fax-to-Email conversion as a great alternative to traditional paper based fax. Get your faxes delivered to your email inbox; ready to be archived, forwarded, or if need be printed.

Create a fax distribution group and have faxes forwarded to multiple individuals at the same time. If you are using a groupware product such as Microsoft Exchange, you could set up different Fax-to-Email numbers for each department and have those faxes delivered to public folders on your server, easily accessed by anyone who has permission to do so.

Cedar Networks Fax-to-Email Advantages:
  • Save paper, toner, and wear and tear on expensive fax machines
  • Eliminate wasted time scanning and archiving your faxes
  • Establish multiple fax numbers to fit your work flow without adding lines or fax machines
  • Increase security and privacy by going paperless
  • Reduce secure document disposal costs by printing only what you need.
Features and Options:
  • Toll-Free fax numbers available, same great toll free rates apply
  • Flat rate billing, no monthly volume limits
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Included in many service offerings and packages
  • Can be used with MEL/RCF (Market Expansion Lines) / (Remote Call Forward)
  • Managed distribution groups
  • Managed archiving/storage included
  • Discounts for bulk purchases available

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