MPLS and Managed VPN

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a managed Wide Area Network (WAN) service used to connect multiple locations together over a private, secure, virtual network. MPLS promises multi-site businesses better utilization of resources, lower costs and better scalability than traditional private line alternatives.

We offer optional Quality of Service (QoS) with Service Level Agreements (SLA's) on MPLS IP-VPN solutions ensuring suitability for real time voice and data transmission.

Cedar Networks MPLS/VPN Advantages:
  • Cost effective mechanism for multi site networking
  • Better utilization of WAN resources
  • Highly scalable speeds from T1 to OCN
  • Self-Healing network routes around problems and outages
  • Secure and segregated from internet traffic
  • Uses our Cisco powered network

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