Enterprise T1 and Bonded Solutions

T1's are carrier grade telecommunications circuits. T1/DS1 circuits scale extremely well, are very reliable and are suitable for the delivery of mission critical services like voice, video and data. Truly the workhorse of corporate communications they are used to connect offices to the internet as well as to each other via VPN, MPLS and Point to Point.

A single T1 is capable of data transmissions of 1.54mbps up and down and can be ordered almost anywhere phone service is available. While 1.54mbps is substantially less bandwidth than our ADSL2+ offering (up to 20mbps), you will find it actually feels quicker and is able to handle more concurrent connections (users and/or applications) than ADSL or cable.

Cedar Networks also offers bonded T1 solutions utilizing up to 8 T1's for speeds of 12mbps up and down. By bonding or MUX'ing additional T1's you increase not only speed but redundancy as well. If for some reason one of your T1's is cut or damaged, you only lose the capacity of that link - with zero down time during the outage.

Cisco routers are utilized for all T1 and T1 MUX solutions. We also offer managed services such as NAT/Firewall and VPN at no additional cost.

Cedar Networks T1 Advantages:
  • Carrier grade reliability and consistent, dependable and scalable performance
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and dispatch means we start working on a problem the instant it happens
  • Guaranteed bandwidth and quality of service with service level agreements (SLA's)
  • Utlizes your existing copper infrastructure
  • Very fast turn-up times, installed in as few as 7 days
Features and Options:
  • Pre-configured Cisco router
  • Network Address Translation/Firewall
  • VPN and PPTP
  • Web, DNS and Email hosting
  • Email Spam filtering
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Bundle with a voice product and save even more

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