Ethernet over Copper and Carrier Grade Ethernet

Often referred to as mid-band ethernet or Ethernet Over Copper (EOC), Ethernet delivery offers more bandwidth than T1 and bonded T1 solutions at substantially lower per-megabit prices. EOC utilizes copper loop bonding, combining one or more discrete copper pairs to form a virtual circuit. Loop bonding enables highly reliable and redundant delivery of IP data at speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 100Mbps up and down.

EOC has many enterprise class attributes in addition to speed and redundancy. Latency and Jitter are minimal in EOC deployments, comparable to carrier class circuits such as DS1 and DS3. Great for mission-critical and real-time applications like voice and video, EOC also excels in multi-site deployments, providing true end to end layer 2 Ethernet access.

Cedar Networks EOC offerings include Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). A Cisco router is provided in addition to the requisite EOC Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) at no additional cost.

Cedar Networks EOC/CGE Advantages:
  • Reliable and redundant network access
  • Cost and speed advantages over T1 and bonded T1 solutions
  • Utilizes existing copper infrastructure
  • Fast turn-up and installation (7-10 days)
  • Superior solution to point to point DS1/T1 where available
Features and Options:
  • Speeds from 3-100Mbps
  • Dot1Q/VlAN enabled
  • Supports complex QoS mechanisms
  • Can be built as DIA (Direct Internet Access)
  • Can be built as a Point to Point solution
  • 24x7 Monitoring standard

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