CedarFlex is our dynamic, all-in-one solution for business communications.

Providing internet connectivity, web hosting, firewall, VPN and email with spam-filtering as well as local and long distance phone services and messaging - CedarFlex really is all you need. Our phone and data services are delivered on a state-of-the-art Cisco powered network that we own and control (we do not resell services).

Getting started is easy.

Simply determine what you need for data connectivity with regards to speed and reliability. From T1's to OCN's, DSL to DS3 and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Next select the method of delivery for your voice services. Plain old copper, PRI and even hosted Cisco CallManager are just some of the options available to you. From 1 line to 100 you'll enjoy some of the best pricing in the industry as well as the pristine call quality and excellent reliability you and your customers demand.

Finally, select any additional services you may need. Toll-Free numbers, market expansion lines, extra long-distance and auto-attendants are just the beginning. Many of the services are included for free with the basic CedarFlex package.

If you find yourself completely lost amidst the acronyms and product names just give us a call. Let us tailor the perfect solution for your business.
Business communications made simple

Here at Cedar Networks, we understand every business is different. There is no singular, one size fits all solution. We'll take the time to customize a bundled solution that's tailor made for you and the needs of your customers.

It all starts with the CedarFlex access platform. A fully managed Cisco solution located at your premise, installed by certified and trained technicians. Maintained and monitored by our support staff; we perform upgrades, stay on top of log events and monitor usage, ensuring optimum reliability and usability.

Next, we establish base connectivity. Taking into account your business model, size, geographic location and unique attributes we can better counsel you on your network options. From ADSL to multi-megabit symmetrical connectivity we've got you covered. We'll also examine your backup, redundancy and fault-tolerance requirements. Only then will we (or anyone) truly know what will work for your business.

Now that we've established a solid foundation to build upon we'll look at your communications options. Looking into calling patterns, aspirations for growth and cost-savings requirements we will build the right voice solution for you. Bundling Toll-Free, Local and Long-Distance calling, Market expansion lines and more, we can and will save you money.

Add additional money and time saving services such as: Fax to Email, Auto-Attendant, web, DNS and email hosting to name a few. Optionally, we can even manage or create a secure VPN solution for you, at no cost. With CedarFlex, there is no need to purchase additional equipment or spend countless dollars with a third party network integrator - it's all included.

Ordering and Installation is easy. It only takes 5-10 minutes of your time to see just what we can do for you. The odds are good you are spending way too much for way too little. In as little as 7-10 days you could be enjoying faster, cheaper and more reliable voice and internet service with CedarFlex.

Built Solid

Cedar Networks is a multi-state licensed telecom carrier. We operate our own voice and data circuits on our next-generation Cisco powered network. We are not a reseller.

We were established in the year 2000 as a local ISP in Durango, Colorado. We've since expanded across all of Colorado and New Mexico serving major markets as well as smaller rural cities and towns. Our growth has been purely profit driven and organic in nature. We remain a privately held company and are in excellent financial standing.

We believe that simple is good. Our billing is flat-rate and predictable (you pay the same amount every month).

We believe everything should be included. Voice mail, email and every calling feature, star code and option is available to you at no additional cost.

We believe you should benefit from our forethought, market footprint and network design. On our next generation IP network all calls are local anywhere we provide service (that's most major cities in Colorado and New Mexico).

And finally, we believe that if you give us a chance to earn your business you will stay a customer for life.

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